Product information
Facade 1.0 VF 50 RR:
The transom-transom variant.
Compatible and additional to the system VF 50, Hueck/Hartmann developed an
innovative facade concept with the VF 50-transom-transom construction. In
addition to the design possibilities, it also provides economical advantages:
Short assembly times and a high degree of pre-fabrication are the defining
elements of this facade system. Equal profile geometries at mullion and
transom as well as even cuts reduce the offcut. Calculations are optimized,
inventory management is simplified. At the same time, a new sealing system
provides best thermal insulation on concurrent reduction of assembly time.

System advantages
- One profile geometry on mullions and transoms
- Mullion offcut applicable as transom
- Even cuts, notching of transoms becomes unnecessary
- Minor expense of material and accessory
- Minor machine expense
- Low production- and assembly times
- Almost sharp-edged profiles (R = 0,8 mm)
- No visible joint
- Ideal for floor- and ceiling connection: mullion and transom available without
- Invisible transom housing gasket
- Drainage integrated into profile connection
- Sealed profile joints without sealing material: assembly becomes
independent of weather
- Simple system elements for static connection of sills and heads
- Equal facade fixing screws in mullion- and transom pressure strips
- Thermal insulation between 1.1 and 2.1 W/m²K depending on insulation
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Series 1.0 VF 50 RR